It is fun to talk to people and get to know them. The hard part is coming up with questions that get responses on your page. I have worked in Social Media for a good while now and I have noticed that there are some questions that always get engagement and I am working on 1,000 questions for various categories that you can ask your audience.

Here are 25 questions for now. Try them out and share your results!

Parenting Related:

  1. Do you let your kids choose what they eat for a meal or impose a strict eat what is served policy at your house?
  2. Do you let your kids pick their own clothes?
  3. What is bedtime at your house?
  4. Do you let your kids video games, if so, are there any rules?
  5. What is your child’s favorite toy?
  6. If your kids were left to do anything they pleased, what do you think they’d do all day?
  7. What is your family’s favorite outing?
  8. What is your favorite “me thing” to do?
  9. At what age did you give your child a mobile phone?
  10. Does your child have an allowance, if so, how much?
  11. If you saw someone’s parenting style but didn’t agree with it, would you call the person out or ignore it?
  12. When did your kids stop taking naps? (Thanks Angela!)
  13. Do you remember at what age your kids took their first step?
  14. Do you let your teens pick their hairstyle?
  15. Do you think there should be financial literacy taught at schools?
  16. Would you send your kids to a public school if you could send them to a private school?
  17. Camping: Yes or No?
  18. My middle son started Kindergarten today. I have mixed emotions about it. Anyone else in the same boat?
  19. What are your tips for dealing with tantrums in public places?
  20. How did you cope with teething?
  21. Do you think boys are easier to raise than girls?
  22. If you live near a beach, do your kids like beach activities?
  23. When shopping for groceries, is convenience most important or price?
  24. Do you shop online for your kids?
  25. Do you have nicknames for your kids?


I hope these questions help you engage your audience and get to know them. Remember, social media is a conversation, a dialog. Have fun with it. I have asked these questions on my Facebook page and client pages and they always get responses. I am working on 25 general questions that you can ask on Facebook to engage your audience.