9422a17d71b883c689d51bd6eaf4c938I’ve been in small towns my whole life and along the way, I’ve decided there are things I hate about it. Everyone knows your business and sometimes they make up things about you, you have to drive over 30 miles to get to anything resembling stores (department stores, big grocery stores, movies etc), and many other things.

My oldest son, Brandon, had to travel far to attend any prep classes and it makes the decision about planning your future hard.

Fortunately we discovered a great website that provides free online career tests and plenty of free prep exams. They also have a huge number of free practice tests, so he’ll be fine I guess. What I’ve forgotten over the years, though, is what is so great about a small town.

When Emily was here, she reminded me that it IS nice to go into the store and see people you know and they ask how you are etc. or you can drive around the town and basically know where everyone lives, for example. However, I was reminded of another reason why I actually do love living the country life.

I’ve had the same person do my taxes since I started filing them, and my parents go to the same person. I was going to do the taxes myself because with the military it is free but I was worried that I was going to make a huge mistake so I decided to let the person who had been doing it for years do it. I take it in on a Monday and by Tuesday she called me to ask where I wanted the refund (what account).

I called her back on Wednesday since I was in Chicago all day on Tuesday and tell her what account I want it in. We talked for a bit about the weather and stuff and then I hung up without finding out how much she charged.

I was supposed to pick up the paperwork on Saturday when I went home again but I completely forgot. I had my mom go in and pick it up (since she goes there too). My mom called me yesterday and told me that she picked it up and that there was no charge. Because our families all go there (Brandon’s sister-in-law even works there), she didn’t charge us. Tell me that would happen in the city?

Well, the wonderful holiday where you get to eat a lot of food and not feel bad is tomorrow and although I’m excited, I have a heavy heart. It is yet another holiday and actually my son needs to learn a lot to be ready for his GED exam. We did spend Xmas and New Years together last year but this year it will not be the same.

I had a birthday party tonight and my sister’s bird bit me!! She has 6 birds and I was trying to make friends with the newest one, Harley and Bogey got mad at me, apparently, and bit my finger. The little shit did not draw blood but came close and its still red. He bit me between the knuckles of my index and middle finger. I’ll have a nice bruise tomorrow.

I went to the bar with my sister tonight and it was alright but I am starting to lose my voice… I hope its just because I was yelling in the bar because of the loud music…I’d die if I can’t talk. Especially if Brandon calls me!

I was driving through town tonight and I think my ex is back in town because I saw a car with Alabama license plates and that usually means he’s back. Part of me wants to see him so I can rub it in that I’m happy without him and have a great life and part of me just wants to never go down that road.

Blah.. I need to go to bed because I have to get up and help my mom get ready for dinner tomorrow so HAPPY TURKEY DAY to whoever celebrates!


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