Universal Music Canada Gives EMI Archive to the University of Calgary

Universal Music Canada was proud to be part of the musical celebrations in Calgary in 2016. So let’s take a closer look at what happened when Universal Music Canada Gives EMI Archive to the University of Calgary.

Universal Music Canada Donates EMI Archive to University of Calgary

The collection is both commercially and culturally invaluable and it contains recordings and files spanning more than 60 years. It includes documents and recordings that are witnesses to a wonderfully creative period of time and the collection includes recordings of all sorts of genres such as country, rock, folk, classical, jazz, pop, and heavy metal. The impressive collection will now soon be available to students, researchers, and the general public at the University’s Libraries & Cultural Resources Department.

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University of Calgary receives heaps of Canada’s music history

A massive and historically important archive of Canada’s music history has found a new home at the Library of the University of Calgary. In 2016, the school received an important donation that indicates the growing importance of Calgary as one of the nation’s main cultural centers, as shown in this video about Studio Bell National Music Centre. So let’s go on and see what’s happening when the University of Calgary receives heaps of Canada’s music history.

Tens of thousands of studio recording hours and numerous boxes of historical items and photographs from over five decades including the likes of Anne Murray, Nickelback, and Tom Cochrane were donated to the University by Universal Music Canada that acquired EMI Music Canada in 2012.

The massive and culturally and commercially highly interesting archive is offering a rare and unique glimpse into how a major record label works and the collection spans over six decades of the music and recording industry of one of Canada’s leading music production and distributing companies, EMI Music Canada from 1949 to 2012 when it was taken over by Universal Music.

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EMI Canada Archive

In 2016, the University of Calgary received a massive and highly interesting gift from Universal Music Canada: the EMI Music Canada Archives, a phenomenal collection of all sorts of documents related to over half a century of Music Industry in Canada and around the world. Let’s look a little deeper into the meaning and historic value of the EMI Canada Archive.

In addition to the EMI Archive gift, Universal Music Canada provides substantial funding for a number of years so the University can preserve and manage the impressive collection decently.

Canada’s National Music Center (NMC) and the University of Calgary set up a cooperation to provide opportunities for international audiences and the public in general for the conservation and celebration of music in Canada through various educational programs and exhibitions that are highlighting the EMI archive at Studio Bell, the new NMC facility.

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University of Calgary gets the EMI Music Canada Archive

On March 31, 2016, the University of Calgary received a great donation: Universal Music Canada (UMC) donated the entire archive of the historically important music label EMI Music Canada to the University. The school’s partnership with Canada’s National Music Center guarantees that the archive will be publicly accessible for the celebration and education of music. This article digs a little deeper into what happens when the University of Calgary gets the EMI Music Canada Archive.

Universal Music Canada (UMC) donated the EMI Music Canada’s archive to the Libraries and Cultural Resources Center f the University. The University partnered with NMC (the
National Music Center) that played a crucial role in bringing the important archive to Calgary by connecting the University with UMC.

Universal Music Canada got hold of the EMI archive in 2012 when Universal Music Group acquired EMI Music. Thanks to this impressive gift, these historically important files, documents, and music recordings will be available to the public. EMI Canada was the label that represented top-notch Canadian artists for over half a century and distributed internationally renown artists across North America.

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