The History of EMI-Part 2

At the beginning of the period 1980-1990, the entire recording industry started to suffer hugely from a serious decline in sales. This period marked the end of the phenomenon of ‘Disco’ which allowed many new music styles to emerge, and one of the new directions was ‘Heavy Metal’. Among the first successful heavy metal bands to hit the charts was London-based Iron Maiden, under EMI contract. A few decades later, Iron Maiden are still successful EMI recording artists, and they still are touring relentlessly. The band is a true icon of a new generation that’s rocking all over the world. Other music genres that emerged during this period were sample-based and electronic music, for example house, techno, and hip-hop. An important exponent of electronic music is the band Kraftwerk, who started already to experiment with electronic music and computers in the preceding decade. Other successful EMI artists in the early 1980’s included Duran Duran, and Kate Bush.

The period late 80’s – early 90’s marked for EMI, just like most of the industry, a time of huge changes. In 1983, the company released the first recordings on CD format, and the changes were so impressive that new silver-shiny CD disc was responsible for most album sales by the end of the decade. It was also in this period that EMI started to embark on a number of business deals that were to transform the company forever. (more…)


The History of EMI

The Electric and Musical Industries, or EMI, was founded in 1931 as a merger of the Columbia Graphophone Company and the Gramophone Company, after record sales had plummeted drastically during the Great Depression in the early 1930’s. Both Columbia and the Gramophone Company had R&D departments, and after EMI was formed, Alan Blumlein, an influential Columbia scientist who had gone to the new company, developed the first stereo recording and playing system in the world. However, due to commercial reasons that were influenced by the negative economical climate, stereo recordings would not be widely available for the next few decades. Under the inspiring guidance of genius Blumlein, the EMI labs not only developed stereo technology, they had also given birth to the world’s first electrical television, which allowed the UK to be the world’s first country to launch public television services. EMI also developed the new technology of radar, which helped the Allied forces greatly at the time of World War II.

By the end of WW II, more new technologies became available to the music recording industry, and a revolutionary new technology, magnetic tape recording, became introduced to music recording studios for the first time in history. (more…)


EMI Music Canada Archive


The highly interesting and relevant archive of EMI Canada was recently donated by Universal Music Canada (UMC) to the University of Calgary’s Libraries and Cultural Resources. The University has also teamed up with Canada’s National Music Centre (NMC), that was playing a crucial role in transferring the EMI Canada archive to Calgary by bringing Universal Music Canada in contact with the University of Calgary. The university announced on March 31, 2016, that Universal had donated the EMI Canada Music Archive to its Libraries & Cultural Resources. The collection offers music lovers, students, and researchers from across the globe access to more than five decades of contemporary music that spans a wide range of styles.

The EMI Canada Archive is a unique collection documenting 63 years of Canada’s music industry in in the period 1949-2012. The collection includes more than 5 thousand boxes that contain over 20,000 audio recordings, almost 19,000 video recordings, and over 2 million biographies, photographs, and other documents. Universal Canada acquired the Canadian EMI archive when EMI Music Canada was bought by Universal Music Group in 2012. (more…)


EMI Music Canada

EMI Music Canada (EMI-MC) was established in 1949 as a recording company and included also Capitol Records Canada (CRC). The music recording company featured a wide range of Canadian artists and was also the distributor in Canada of its international music division.  EM Music Canada had its headquarters in Toronto and branch offices in Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

Capitol Records Canada, under direction of EMI Music Canada, was the first North American record label to release Pink Floyd and The Beatles on the north American continent. The 1963, the Beatles singles ‘Please Please me’,  ‘Love Me Do’, and ‘From Me to You’ came out in Canada several months before ‘She Loves You’ was released in the United States as the Beatles’ first release there. EMI Music Canada was distributing more than fifty independent Canadian record labels, and the company was the first to get ‘First Nations Music Wawataqy Recordings’ under contract as well as the ‘First Nations label’, and EMI Canada was also the first company to distribute the hip‐hop label ‘Beat Factory’. (more…)


A Grown Up Scare

booAs per usual, I’ve been MIA for the past week. Firstly, I’m still working like a b*tch trying to figure out my new job, and exactly what is required of me. Secondly, I’ve had a bit of a health scare which made me want to stay away from the internet in fear of diagnosing myself with something life-threatening. Don’t get me wrong, the internet is a fantastic invention most of the time but last week it was the work of the devil.

You see, before I moved back home I found I lump behind my ear. The day after I found it I booked straight into the doctors because lumps are not something to ignore. She diagnosed me with a swollen lymph node and made sure I had no lumps elsewhere – thankfully, I didn’t. She told me that if it hadn’t gone down within a week, I should go back for an ultrasound. And then I moved back home. (more…)


Discovering your options

9422a17d71b883c689d51bd6eaf4c938I’ve been in small towns my whole life and along the way, I’ve decided there are things I hate about it. Everyone knows your business and sometimes they make up things about you, you have to drive over 30 miles to get to anything resembling stores (department stores, big grocery stores, movies etc), and many other things. My oldest son, Brandon, had to travel far to attend any prep classes and it makes the decision about planning your future hard.  Fortunately we discovered a great website that provides free online career tests and plenty of free prep exams. They also have a huge number of free practice tests, so he’ll be fine I guess. What I’ve forgotten over the years, though, is what is so great about a small town.

When Emily was here, she reminded me that it is nice to go into the store and see people you know and they ask how you are etc. or you can drive around the town and basically know where everyone lives, for example. However, I was reminded of another reason why I actually do love living the country life.



Questions for your Facebook page

t is fun to talk to people and get to know them. The hard part is coming up with questions that get responses on your page. I have worked in Social Media for a good while now and I have noticed that there are some questions that always get engagement and I am working on 1,000 questions for various categories that you can ask your audience.

Here are 25 questions for now. Try them out and share your results!

Parenting Related:

  1. Do you let your kids choose what they eat for a meal or impose a strict eat what is served policy at your house?
  2. Do you let your kids pick their own clothes?
  3. What is bedtime at your house?
  4. Do you let your kids video games, if so, are there any rules?
  5. What is your child’s favorite toy?
  6. If your kids were left to do anything they pleased, what do you think they’d do all day?
  7. What is your family’s favorite outing?
  8. What is your favorite “me thing” to do? (more…)

It’s Red Lipstick Time

red-lipstick-skin-tone_thumb-LI don’t wear enough red lipstick. In fact, I never wear red lipstick anymore.

I’m not sure when the turning point happened when I went from being the kind of woman that wore red lipstick (at least for my nights out) and the kind of woman that barely wears makeup let alone RED lipstick.

It’s not like I decided one day that red lipstick wasn’t appropriate or that I was just too old or busy to wear it. It just happened slowly over the years.

I still wear makeup and pretty myself up for my big nights out with my husband or the girls but red lipstick is not part of the routine.

Maybe it’s because it’s messy…you know, it gets on your teeth, on your husband’s face, on your napkin, and before you know it your hair gets stuck in its gloss and when you pull it off, it creates a red streak on your face (OK, maybe that’s just me). (more…)


I’m Like Madonna

It’s hard not to write about politics these days. It’s everywhere you look! But I’m going to fight the urge tonight.

Instead I’ll ask you something I’ve been meaning to ask for days but I keep forgetting. How do you like my new look?

You didn’t even mention it. I thought for sure someone would say something about the change!

I’m like Madonna. Every once in awhile
I get this urge to completely reinvent myself (of course my changes are nothing compare to the dramatics of the Material Girl but they’re just as cathartic!).

I LOVE change. I always have. I’ve never been afraid to move or leave a comfortable situation. I’m always excited about the prospect of the next new thing. It must have something to do with moving around and traveling a lot when I was young. I see change as an opportunity for new adventures.

So, tell me, what do you think of the flowers?

Terrible Terrible Thoughts

What I’m about to share with you is completely politically incorrect so please feel free to stop reading now if you are easily offended. On a side note, the runner up title of my blog was something to the effect of “One Politically Incorrect Woman’s Journey Through This Crazy Thing Called Life.” (more…)


The Bill and Hillary Show

Did you see Hillary Clinton’s speech last night?

I thought it was SO great. Even though I don’t always agree with Hillary, I still love her. I love her strength, her tenacity, her intelligence and her pure unapologetic ambition and conviction. I was so jazzed up last night watching her speak.

I know she had (and still has) a real likability problem but I’m not sure any woman could get to that position without being tough and what many label as “aggressive” or “abrasive” which I don’t think they would say if she was a man.